Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

Our Early Years Vision

 ‘Empowering learners, nurturing ambition’.

At Henry Chichele Primary School our intention is to develop empowered learners. Our Early Years curriculum and environment provides every child with the skills to be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

As our children develop throughout the year, it is our intention that all children build positive relationships with peers and adults, feel safe and confident in their environment and become ambitious learners.

Our core approach to teaching and learning is to prioritise play and child-initiated responses.

Our continuous provision is lead by our unique children, their varying interests and needs with adult focussed activities to support their development. The children will access open-ended resources in a surrounding that is meaningful. We prioritise high quality interactions with adults to provide a language rich environment.

Our children will have access to a broad and rich curriculum, in a setting enriched with ‘realness’, visits and visitors. We consider the emotional, physical, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of every child.

Early Years Curriculum Map

Please see the following document for an overview of our Early Years curriculum:

Reception Curriculum Map

What do we expect children are able to do before they start our Reception class?

The document below details our key performance indicators on entry to our provision:

EYFS-KPIs- Baseline

KPIs (End of Autumn Term)

KPIs (End of Spring Term)

How does the EYFS feed into the National Curriculum?

The following document explains how the 17 areas of the Early Years Framework prepares the children for the expectations of the National Curriculum in Year 1:

EYFS into NC