School Council

School Council

Our team consists of one representative from each of the Key Stage 2 classes (Year 3 -6). We were elected by our classmates, at the beginning of this academic year to be 'the voice' of our classmates; representing the views of all of our pupils, giving them the opportunity to have their voices heard and to be part of the school community.

We help to make decisions about school life and be involved in projects that support learning and school development, such as talking to the younger pupils, leading assemblies, organising events, to make sure our school is a happy, fair and safe place for everyone.

We encourage everyone to develop a sense of responsibility towards our environment and a sense of ownership over our school practice.

We want every pupil to have a voice to make all the decision-making fair.

We want our school to be the best that it can be for all of us.

After a school council meeting, the team members feedback to their class, informing them what was discussed and what will happen next.  This helps to encourage pupils to continue to contribute to further meetings and talk to school council members about the things which could be done to improve the school.

The school will record School Council Achievements on the school newsletter as and when appropriate.



The chairperson runs the meetings; beginning with reading last week’s notes to check they are a true reflection of what was discussed. If all members agree, the notes are agreed and signed.

Vice Chair Person

The vice Chairperson leads the meetings when the Chairperson is absent. They also support the Chairperson, when they need to.


The Secretary takes notes in all meetings and makes sure there are enough copies to be looked at the next meeting. It is also their job to do the register.

Committee Members

These members listen to the Chairperson and contribute their own and the ideas of their class, voting for any ideas to be put forward.

Agenda Topics

Lunchtimes – Requested from KS2 classes

Play Fighting - As part of the pupils work with the Cluster Council

Pupil Behaviour Around School – Requested in Pupil Survey (December 2022)

Suggestion boxes in classes – school council request

Pupil survey data charts Dec 2022