Key Curriculum Drivers

Computing supports our wider curriculum vision through our key drivers in the following ways:

Curriculum DriversHow Computing supports this driver
To know and appreciate that the world is exciting and diverseChildren study computing through three areas of focus:
- Computer science: the understanding of the use of software and programs.
- Information technology: the study or use of computer systems and networks for storing, retrieving and sending information.
- Digital literacy: the development of the skills needed to live, learn and work confidently and safely in an increasingly digital world.
To develop high levels of oracyChildren will develop their understanding of online safety, use multiple different programs to achieve a variety of goals and use subject-specific vocabulary to describe processes and outcomes.
To encourage critical thinking
To instil ambition for the futureChildren will leave Henry Chichele Primary School equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the modern world, mindful of the increasing importance of online technology and computers in their daily life.

Curriculum Map for Computing

Please open the following file for an overview of our curriculum for Computing.

Computing Whole School Curriculum Overview

Computing Key Concepts

Our Computing curriculum is based around these key concepts that will support children's development in the subject area, aiming towards our vision.


National Curriculum Coverage

Our Computing curriculum covers the full requirements of the National Curriculum. The document below shows where each of the requirements are covered and built on in following years.

Computing National Curriculum Cross Reference

Computing and the Wider Curriculum

Computing has strong links with other subjects within our curriculum. The following document explains those links where children link learning in computing with other knowledge acquired.

Computing and the Wider Curriculum

Would you like to know more?

Please contact our Computing Lead, Mr. T Hart, through our school office or by using the contact form.