Curriculum Aims

Our Curriculum Vision

By the end of their time at Henry Chichele Primary, we want children to know and appreciate that the world is exciting, diverse and full of opportunities. We want them to have; the ability to acquire and connect knowledge to aid deep understanding; the confidence and oracy skills to collaborate and lead and the aptitude to think critically in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum will encourage children to be highly ambitious for their futures.

Key Curriculum Drivers

Our vision is simplified into these 4 key drivers which underpin the aims of the whole curriculum.

  • To know and appreciate that the world is exciting and diverse - engaging pupils through inspiring stimuli and active, outdoor and creative learning
  • To develop high levels of oracy - focusing on the correct technical vocabulary and reading skills to help children understand, analyse and communicate
  • To encourage critical thinkingproviding opportunities and promoting critical thinking, enabling children to develop resilience academically and socially
  • To instil ambition for the futureestablishing high expectations of all children in all areas of school life, enabling them to succeed

In addition to these drivers, each subject in our curriculum has identified key concepts.

The key concepts support intellectual development and retention of information through teaching and repeating the three identified key concepts within each subject discipline. Learning is structured through the accumulation of related concepts and acquiring skills in order to apply knowledge in different situations.

Use the following link to see an overview of each subject area key concepts.

Curriculum Key Concepts Overview