Curriculum Aims

Our Curriculum Vision

By the end of their time at Henry Chichele Primary, we want children to know and appreciate that the world is exciting, diverse and full of opportunities. We want them to have; the ability to acquire and connect knowledge to aid deep understanding; the confidence and oracy skills to collaborate and lead and the aptitude to think critically in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum will encourage children to be highly ambitious for their futures.

Curriculum Aims

Our school’s philosophy is to enable each child to develop the ability to understand what they have done well and what they now know, how their current learning links to previous learning, and what their next steps are. We see this as the smartest way to create highly engaged and increasingly independent learners.

Supported by our child-centred pedagogy, these learning behaviours then underpin a detailed sequential curriculum model. Through the application of strategies for foundation subjects, pathways for the progression of learning and quality frameworks, the school ensures a framework for excellence in learning that is reflected in every class, consistently across all our schools.

This curriculum is rooted firmly in our belief that education is the most empowering force in the world and a right for all children, whoever they are:

  • We are committed to ensuring that all pupils know why they are learning, how they are doing and where they are heading.
  • Curriculum content is mapped through every half term right up to Year 6, so that teachers and leaders know precisely what pupils should be learning at every stage.
  • Learning always goes deeper and broader than the National Curriculum. A sense of aspiration and ambition in the classroom inspires independent learning and a readiness to move to the next level of education.
  • Developing confident, independent and assessment-proficient learners means that our pupils need to be able to reflect on what they do and share their views with their peers and teachers.
  • Finally, ensuring our pupils are assessment-proficient means that we can have regular and meaningful discussions with them about their progress.