We encourage all parent/carers to contact the school office if you have any questions, queries or concerns, large or small. Please leave a message if the school is closed or drop us an email office@henrychichele.northants.sch.uk and we will get back to you.  

What sort of school shoes are acceptable?

Full details of the uniform can be found on the Parent tab under uniform but black (non-fashion) school shoes should be worn. Plain black trainers are preferred for PE uniform days.

What's the situation with homework/ how much will they get? 

Full details for all children are in the homework section under the parent tab. For Reception children the expectation is 20 minutes for one weekly activity (often practical) which is set on a Thursday through Tapestry and largely handed in via the same. Alongside this we encourage 10 minutes of daily reading time.

Do they need pencil cases ?

The school provides equipment for all children in school and therefore additional equipment in not required. For Reception to Year 4 a book bag should be provided to go between home and school. Water bottles should also be provided please.

Why do people buy uniform at the beginning of the summer holidays? Do they sell out? What if they have a growth spurt? 

Our uniform supplier Karlsports keep stock all year round; albeit the summer months are always extremely busy and they supply to lots of other schools too. They do have a shop attached to the warehouse in Kettering where you can try on sizes if you are not sure and they are always happy to exchange unworn garment’s if they don’t fit.

How long do they get to eat lunch? What if they are still hungry?

The children start lunch at 11.45am when they first start school to give them plentiful time to eat their lunch. Lots of helping hands are available to give them support with cutting up their food, open any packaging and offer encouragement. We are pleased that our provider offers lots of choice that is fresh and plentiful. No child ever goes hungry or unfed!

The Fruit and Vegetable Scheme provides a free piece of fruit/vegetable for Reception, Year 1 and 2 children for morning break. Key Stage 2 children may bring a piece of fruit/vegetable to eat at morning break, if they so wish.

Sun cream? Would school provide if it is a hot day?  Or do we pack for them?

We follow sun safety in schools and educate  the children on sun safety and how to minimise any damage to the skin. Sun cream should be sent in to school a named container for re-application by the children, during the school day. A hat and loose long sleeved top are also advised.

What if my child doesn’t settle in? 

We try to provide lots of opportunities for the children (and the parents) to familiarise themselves with the school e.g. play dates; visits to meet the staff and virtual recordings on the school website.

In the unlikely event of a child not settling into school quickly, the Reception Staff/Inclusion team will work with parents to resolve any issues.