The Education Secretary stated that Primary Schools are not obliged to set homework but if they do, pupils should do it. In addition, he stated headteachers should decide upon their own policies for homework to allow autonomy for individual schools.

Quality homework should be an integral part of a pupil's education. It should be purposeful, proportionate and have a positive impact on learning. It is expected that homework is achievable with limited support. Nevertheless, parental involvement makes a big difference to a pupil's educational development and it is therefore expected that families complete some of the tasks together.

At primary school level, homework should help pupils to:

  • Develop their knowledge
  • Encourage motivation and self discipline of independent learning
  • Consolidate learning and practice basis skills, particularly in literacy and numeracy

We have set our expectations so that they are progressive throughout the year groups but have stripped it back to basics – short weekly tasks to consolidate learning and prioritise the fundamental skills.

Please refer to the policy using the link below for year group specific homework information.

Homework Policy September 2023