Geography Vision

By the end of Key Stage 2 pupils will have good knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the earth’s key physical and human processes. They will be able to use key vocab to compare and contrast environmental examples across the breadth of study, explaining any changes and providing reasons for change. This understanding will be based on good geographical evidence and understanding.

Key Curriculum Drivers

Geography supports our wider curriculum vision through our key drivers in the following ways:

Curriculum DriversHow Geography supports this driver
To know about the WorldChildren study Geography through the key concepts of Navigation, Diversity and Impact.
High levels of oracyChildren will compare and contrast locations in the world, ask perceptive questions and articulately express opinions based on geographical knowledge, using subject-specific vocabulary. They will read high quality texts to support their knowledge and opinions.
To have ambitionChildren will study a range of diverse, notable figures within Geographical exploration and research to learn about the legacy of ambition.

Curriculum Map for Geography

Please open the following file for an overview of our curriculum for Geography.

Geography Curriculum Overview

Geography Key Concepts

Our Geography curriculum is based around these key concepts that will support children's development in the subject area, aiming towards our vision.

Key ConceptI am a geographer because...
Navigation...I can locate different places in relation to one another, using globes and maps
Diversity...I explore and know about different places, people, resources and environments
Impact...I investigate how humans and physical geography change and impact on one another

Each of these concepts is threaded through the curriculum and repeated through various units. This is because these concepts are vital for children at Henry Chichele Primary School to master in order to achieve our end aspirational goal.

Open the following files to see how each of the key concepts are threaded through the curriculum.

Navigation Key Concept Map

Diversity Key Concept Map

Impact Key Concept Map

Would like to know more?

Please contact our Geography Lead, Mrs. J Grove, through our school office or by using the contact form.