The school colours (burgundy and gold) and the logo are based on the original Chichele School colours.

Henry Chichele (a former Archbishop of Canterbury, who came from Higham Ferrers) founded All Souls College in Oxford, and we have gained permission from the college to use the Henry Chichele Coat of Arms.

The school governors have taken the decision to provide a simple, smart and cost-effective uniform for all children with a limited number of garments required to be purchased from the nominated supplier*. The vast majority can therefore be purchased from major supermarkets. The basic uniform is:

Key Stage 1 children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2)

  • *Sweatshirt (with embroidered logo) OR
  • *Cardigan (made from sweatshirt material, with embroidered logo)
  • Polo shirt (can be white or burgundy; with or without logo)
  • Summer dress (yellow gingham; may be worn when weather is suitable)
  • Trousers, shorts, skirts, skorts, pinafore dress (dark grey or black)
  • Plain socks or tights (black, grey or white)
  • School shoes (black)

Key Stage 2 children (Year 3, 4, 5 and 6)

  • *V-neck Sweatshirt (with embroidered logo) OR
  • *Cardigan (made from sweatshirt material, with embroidered logo)
  • Clip on Tie
  • White shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • Trousers, shorts, skirts, skorts, pinafore dress (dark grey or black)
  • Plain socks or tights (black, grey or white)
  • School shoes (black)

Sports Kit

All children should come to school 'PE Ready' in their PE uniform on the days that they have PE. The PE uniform consists of:

  • *Hoodie (burgundy; with logo)
  • *PE T-shirt (burgundy; with the school logo)
  • PE shorts / PE skort / leggings / joggers (plain black)
  • Trainers (white or black)

*Items should be purchased through the schools uniform supplier – Karl Sports.


When children attend swimming lessons throughout the academic year; this is also a 'PE Ready' day but please also remember a swimming costume/shorts and a towel. Goggles are not permitted.

Make Up, Nail Varnish and Hair Accessories

It is not permitted for any child to wear make up or nail varnish to school.

Hair accessories should be kept to a minimum and limited to clips or bobbles. JoJo bows are not permitted to be worn.


No jewellery is permitted at school, except studs in pierced ears.  For PE and swimming, these studs should be removed before coming to school on these days.  Children with long hair will need a soft hair band or hair tie to fasten back their hair for PE and for some DT lessons.

Watches may be worn to school but smart watches (any with the capability of accessing messaging apps or photos) are not permitted to be worn.

Financial Help and Second Hand Availability

It is expected that all children will wear uniform to school.  The Governing Body wish to create a smart school, with smartly dressed children at a reasonable cost to parents. Financial help may be available to those children eligible for Pupil Premium; please contact the Business Manager for full details.

We are also keen to promote our eco-school values of ‘re-use’ and ‘recycle’ so good quality second-hand uniform is available throughout the academic year at our termly sales held in school. For further information, please contact the school office.

How to Order

Ordering your uniform couldn't be simpler, just click the link button below to access our supplier’s website. They also have a shop in Kettering that you can visit to try on the garments.

Uniform order site