RSE Consultation Response

Following the completion of the RSE consultation with parents, we have now reviewed the queries raised, discussed at length and made adaptations to our curriculum where necessary.

The below table explains the detail of the queries raised and our response. You will now find final documentation of our PSHE and RSE curriculum here.

Point raised through consultationDetailResponse
Bullying is not covered in reception Seemed to be missing from the overview This is most certainly covered in Reception at an age appropriate level. This will be covered through this curriculum as well as anti-bullying weeks and general provision of the Early Years curriculum.
Days that SRE will be taughtWill parents be informed when their children are being taught sex and relationships education? Yes. Details will be shared by letter with parents when these sessions are due to be delivered.
Books to support parents at home Could school share a list of recommended books that would support parents at home have discussions with their children after sessions? We will share a list of recommended titles which may support parents and carers to have additional conversations with children at home.
Delivery of SRE Will Sex and Relationships Education be delivered by the class teacher? Yes. The class teacher will certainly be involved in the delivery of the sessions. There may be some sessions which are supported by the school nurse. These will be highlighted to parents before they take place. But, even in these lessons, the class teacher will be present.
Menstruation taught in Y4 is earlyThis point was raised by a small number of parents through the survey and so was discussed at length during the virtual consultation. Following the lengthy discussion, it was agreed by all attendees that Year 4 was the correct year to begin this education. Some parents also believed that Year 4 was too late because they were aware of girls that had experienced change younger than this.

We have made the decision to keep this content taught as part of our Year 4 curriculum.
FGM taught in Year 6Parent raised whether this was necessary Again, this subject was discussed at length during the virtual meeting. All attendees were in agreement that it is absolutely necessary to teach about this in Year 6, if not before. It is a safeguarding concern for some children which could be the difference between a child being safe and not.

It was decided that the content would be taught, at an age appropriate level, in Year 6.
Use of correct language Parents raised that they thought it was important for the correct language to be used when labelling body parts etc to aid understanding. When this isn't the case, it can lead to misunderstandings. Correct language will be used from reception.
Appropriate and inappropriate touch It appears that this is only discussed from Year 2 and it was felt it was important for this to be discussed earlier than this. This is covered, at an age appropriate level, from reception. We also supplement our RSE curriculum with a Protective Behaviours Programme which also covers this kind of safety behaviour.
Sanitary bins Are they provided in children's toilets in school Yes. These are available.