A Look Forward to Term 6

2020/21 will soon be upon us! What a year it has been in school!

A few quick reminders and things to look forward to in term 6 of 2020/21:

  • We begin with a training day on Monday 7th June. School will be closed to all in this day.
  • Miss Marks will not be with us this term in Reception as she completes a placement in another school However, we welcome Miss Paige to support in 2CL for the first four weeks of term. Miss Paige is a trainee teacher who will be working with Mrs Lathall until early July.
  • Some PE days have changed. Those that are different to term 5 are:

Year 2 will now be Monday & Tuesday

Year 3 will now be Wednesday & Thursday

Year 4 will now be Wednesday & Friday

Year 5 will now be Monday & Tuesday

  • If your child is attending a club after school on a day that is not their PE day, they should come to school in their PE kit that day in readiness for the club.
  • The Life Education bus will be visiting us between the 6th and 9th July. All year groups will have a session in the bus as part of our PSHE programme. More details to follow closer to the time.
  • We are hoping to hold sports day in some way on 16th July. Plans will be communicated once we have finalised them.
  • End of year reports will be available to parents on 15th July.
  • Our welcome meeting for parents of children joining our reception classes in September 2021 will be held on 21st June. We are hoping this will be held on site however, if restrictions for not allow, it will be held virtually.
  • Transfer Day for all children will be held on 1st July. This will be a day where children will spend time with their teacher for next year.
  • Class photos will be taken on 25th June along with individual photos for Reception and Year 6 children.
  • We will be saying goodbye to our Year 6s in a Leavers Assembly on Tuesday 20th July at 1:30pm. Again, we will sure arrangements with parents closer to the time once we know the restrictions we need to abide by.

A very busy term ahead but one we will all enjoy!